Gym Running

This week, a few things were different. I was supposed to run 16 miles today. But after straining my achilles again earlier this week, my runs are limited to “running” on the ArcTrainer. (As much as my leg hurt on Tuesday, I’ve been icing and stretching a lot, and I’m hoping and praying to be back on the road by Monday at the latest.) The weather has been cold here lately too, which is unfortunate since it’s spring break. I guess if I have to be running inside, now is a good time for it. But, because it’s spring break, the campus gym is only open from 11-1, which really disrupts my running schedule (I like to be done by 10am.) I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the full sixteen miles in with only two hours to run, but I downloaded a movie to my iPhone and decided to make the best of the time I had.

I loved everything about this movie.

I loved everything about this movie.

Honestly, watching the movie made the two hours fly by. The ArcTrainer’s information isn’t always accurate, but I think I got in around 15 miles, which I’m really happy with. Since I work at the gym, the manager and other workers know me and knew why I’m bound to the machines, but I’m pretty sure they all still thought I was crazy for running for literally every minute they were open. Then again, the people around me probably thought I was crazy every time I laughed at the movie.

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